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Produced and mixed by David Hall

Jim Libby – lead vocals and acoustic guitar
John Chebator – lead and acoustic guitar
John Foster – bass
Jeff Armstrong – drums

Background vocals: Jason Sever
Additional vocals: David Hall, Krista Angelucci on “Livin’ Lovin’ Gone”
Pedal steel: Scotty Sanders
Keyboards: Jeff Roach
Additional electric guitar: George Cocchini
Recorded and mixed at Blackbird Studio, Nashville, TN
A Blackbird Pro production
Production coordinator: Scott Phillips
Assistant engineers: Kevin Boettger, Justin Kimball, Austin Tingle
Lead guitars recorded at Tigerback Studio, Arrington, TN
Guitar tones by George Cocchini, the Tone Chaperone™
Additional recording at PlethoraTone Studio, Nashville, TN
Mastered by Benny Quinn at BQ Mastering, Franklin, TN
Photography by Ed Nute,
Graphic design by Brad Bass,

Jim Libby Band would like to thank Danny Lee (live background vocals), Tigges Racing, JLP, David Hall for making me run on all 8 cylinders, GiGo Sock Puppets, “you want this turn, Johnny”, GET IN THE VAN!, that thing that looks like a dam, tree top flyer wakeup call every morning, Fart app, ginger shots, the resolve of Tigerback Studio name from Ass Hanger, ice, more ice, George’s driveway, Kermit the Frog, clap activated sidewalk lights, “Welcome to Las Vegas”, tons of coffee, and all of our families and fans for supporting us. In memory of Kenny Cushman.